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Is your closet cluttered and full, yet you have "nothing to wear"?

Let My Style Tips help. Sarah has combined her love of fashion and flair for organization! She will provide in-home wardrobe and closet analysis. She will assess, organize, and edit your wardrobe, then advise you on what to keep, donate, sell or re-purpose. Sarah will recommend how to fill your “wardrobe gaps”, and even go shopping with you, or for you!

So ask yourself:
+ Do you need a closet overhaul?
+ Do you need wardrobe inspiration for personal style?
+ Do you have a cluttered closet?
+ Do you want to dress on trend, but on a budget?
+ Don't have time to shop for yourself or gifts?
We want you to be your personal and stylish best!

Whether it is closet organization, a fashion makeover, re-inventing existing clothing, personal shopping, packing for a trip, or a much overdue closet purge, let My Style Tips help.


Typically, I provide in-home, two or three hour sessions, based on the need of the client.

Closet Organization
An organization process which focuses on rejuvenating your view of what you own. With organization tailored to the clients lifestyle and needs, this service is designed to maximize what your already own, while diagnosing areas of opportunity.

The styling is designed to help the client realize how to dress to be their best self. Whether it is for a big event, or educating the client on what are their best colors and silhouettes, we help the client put their best foot forward.

Personal Shopping
With my knowledge of the retail industry, we are able to make more efficient use of your time by leading you to the right stores for the best prices. My goal is to maximize your budget while saving you time and frustration!

Dress for Success
Whether it is a new college graduate or tenured professional looking for a style overhaul, this service is designed to help you dress for the game and be taken seriously by your clients and colleagues.

New Mom
For the new mom who is facing the challenge of dressing for her new lifestyle, along with shopping for her children. This is designed to offer the support you are longing for and will also help you get organized for your new life!

Packing Right
Heading on the trip of a lifetime? Don't let your packing frustrations take away from the excitement. This service is designed to eliminate your packing woes by allowing packing effectively for you to look your best

New You
For the individual who has gone through a life transition and needs wardrobe inspiration. Or do you just need a closet or wardrobe overhaul? We will discuss your needs and desires, and pull together looks for a fabulous New You!

Ala Carte
A service you need but don’t see it here? I would love to hear your needs! My Style Tips also services men’s and children’s wardrobes as well.

Style Packages

Contact us for pricing on any of our style packages as well as specials.

Same Clothes, New Closet
We start with a personal consultation discussing your goals and needs. We will put together an individual closet and wardrobe organizational plan, and reintroduce you to your new space

The Look for Less
Starts with style inspiration for your personal taste, including your favorite celebrities, before hitting your closet and then the stores to find the best looks for you on a budget and mix-imizing what you already own.

Special Event
We start with a personal consultation discussing your goals and needs. We start with your closet to diagnose any potential options or accessories. We put together 5 options by photographing complete looks for your to choose your best self.

New Professional
This is the perfect gift for a new college grad who needs to ditch their sweatpants and dress for success. This service starts with a Consultation in which we discuss new professional path. We complete a closet assessment and develop their new look.

Work Update
This service starts with a consultation where we discuss your goals. We then head to your closet to diagnose your key pieces and figure out whether or not you are missing any must haves. After shopping for the missing pieces, we will put together your personal Look-Book!

Seasonal Sensation
This is for the repeat client who loves the position her closet is in, but is looking for updates on how to embrace new seasonal trends! With an style session designed to highlight her updated look, we will continue to build her personal Look-Book.


My Style Tips is a full-service wardrobe consulting company. It is founded by a lifelong fashionista, whose goal it is to organize and improve the personal style of our New England clientele.

Sarah Zach-Turner
Boston, MA

Sarah Zach-Turner is a native of Buffalo, N.Y. who settled in Boston in 2001. She has had a love of fashion since she was a little girl, and was fortunate to build a career around it. With over twenty years of retail experience under her belt (including GUESS, Cache, Delia's and Neiman Marcus), Sarah is uniquely qualified to educate you on organization, brands and designers, styles and trends. She will edit a closet/wardrobe that works just for you.

Sarah's passion for fashion and ties to the Boston retail community, is why she is Boston's best for making you your personal best!

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